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Colton Sposta, Massage Therapist in Monroe, CT

The Full Story

As a competitive athlete from an early age, Colton knows firsthand about sprained ankles and strained muscles.  “I always wanted to find ways to recover faster, heal faster, and perform better in the sport I was playing,” which was everything from baseball to soccer and basketball, he explains.

“The first time I experienced massage it made a world of difference for me. It helped me physically and mentally.”

Colton’s love of Sports Massage eventually led him to his career and his client athletes are forever grateful that he became a Massage Therapist himself.  Colton was a pitcher, so he’s an expert in shoulder conditions and post-op rotator cuff surgery. He’s also worked a lot with hockey players who have low back and glute issues. His specializes in targeted, specific work and Rehabilitation Massage.  To get athletes back up and performing, Colton likes to use Deep Tissue techniques and Trigger Point Therapy. 

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